New Series with Chaz at the Adhoc Gallery in New York

Under the name The London Police, Bob Gibson has once again teamed up with Chaz to make three original works on canvas for the “4 Geezers” show at the Adhoc Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (www.adhocart.org).

After a successful opening night the duo are now busy making new work, combining their two contrasting styles not seen since the Dutch Masters Show in 2006.


New London Police collaboration

Chaz and Bob have teamed up once again and made a new work. The founding members of the London Police created the piece on location in Brooklyn NY...Thanks Markus


10 Years on the Circle Line

Coming soon. The London Police celebrate their tenth birthday with the founding members back together in their home town. Opening night is 9th April at the Stolenspace gallery, London. See the future shows section at http://www.stolenspace.com


10 Years on the Circle Line opens in London

After weeks of careful hand drawn preparation (and a couple of nights sleeping in the studio on bubblewrap) 10 Years on the Circle Line is now open at the Stolenspace Gallery www.stolenspace.com. The opening night was a great success and we would like to thank Richard, Eve, Beth, Clare, Tom, Tab and of course The Monk for all their hard work. See the TLP collabs section for all the finished work.

The sketch book drawings of the opening are by Boston’s own Brian Butler. www.theupperhandart.com


10 Years Later opens in Amsterdam

TLPs 10 year celebration continued in Amsterdam this May. The opening night saw a strong turnout from friends and socialites in Amsterdam’s famous Jordaan quarter. 8 new hand drawn works were on show plus a limited edition print . Following on from the “EVERY 20 MINS” photo project seen at last years Brooklyn (NYC) show TLP decided to repeat the idea but this time with Bob participating too.  The rules were the same. Take a photo every 20mins 24 hours a day for seven days and then deal with your weak immunity system and failing relationships later. We’d like to thank Mo, Minivila, The School of Chris, Oscar and Farud for all their patience and hard work. For a panoramic view of the show see http://www.c360.nl/gogallery_tlp/


Green Day Artwork.

When he’s not necking tequilas and playing oldskool arcade games Logan Hicks is busy making world class stencils and, on this occasion, selecting a team of artists to collaborate with some band called GREEN DAY on an art/music project for their new album. The show including 14 other artists will tour with the band over the next year or so. Thanks to Logan and Green Day for getting us involved


Big Amsterdam Wall Piece

Work in progress....more pics soon.


Amsterdam Wall Piece is finished

How pleasing it was when the seemingly nice bloke who lives at  Prinsengracht No.70 allowed TLP to adorn the facade of his building with a choice black and white image of a totempole lad being constructed by a Bob Gibson robot. How displeasing then, when on the fourth day, the Amsterdam Gemeente (city council) officials arrived and politely told us we needed extra permission to paint any building in the city centre. They kindly allowed us to finish the characters but we were not allowed to make a start on any further background etc. The case is currently under review with the city council whether to keep the painting. They must decide whether normal everyday human beings would prefer to see a  considered art mural or a banal grey wall which serves as a breeding ground for weak graffiti and posters advertising drug fuelled house music events where DJs spin other peoples shit records.


Preparing for the LA show “Brothers in Arms” opening September 10th 2009 at the Carmicheal Gallery

For more info on the upcoming show visit http://www.carmichaelgallery.com/


Brothers in Arms opens in the Carmichael Gallery Los Angeles

TLP’s 10 year celebration continued in LA last week. Thanks to all of you who came along. We had the best time of our lives in tinseltown...

Thanks to Seth, Elisa, Dave, Nate, Christian and Nomad (The Earl of Cundington) for all your hard work.

Coming soon. See how we survived 5 days in LA handcuffed together 24 hours a day in the short film “Brothers in Arms” but for now you can click here to see the making of the “Brothers in Arms” art show on youtube


Big wall painting in KOSOVO

Off to Kosovo to finally paint a mural in the city centre of PRISHTINA. With the old school wrists of ZEDZ and the youthful skills of Prishtina-based TAKI we painted the side of the University Science building located just a stones throw from the huge public library. The company that gave us the lift to go up the wall also kindly provided us with a bloke (Fetim) to work the lift who only spoke albanian. ' Pak majtas Chaz' he would say and , obviously, i would reply 'shume mire Fetim, faleminderrit'. The days flew by.

A 'Piece for Positivity' was curated and organised by Rienke Enghardt. Her website www.hopebox.nl shows all the work she has done to instigate art and music events in places that otherwise wouldnt have them. Dont be shy to look at it.


True Self expo curated by Gary Baseman opens in New York

It wasnt two months ago when that cheeky chappy Gary Baseman managed to stop hanging around with asian women for a minute and took time to invite TLP to submit a piece for his TRUE SELF show which opened at the JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY last week. We thought long and hard about our true selves and realised that the classic LAD character is kind of a portrait of CHAZ and the linear architectural style is wholly representative of BOBs life and therefore we just did another canvas like normal. Dont be shy to pop along to the gallery and take a butchers at the work alongside many other fine and warm artists. click here to see the Jonathan Levine gallery site


10 Years Later in the Go Gallery Amsterdam SOLD OUT!

We’re pleased to announce that all paintings from the Amsterdam show ’10 Years Later’ are now SOLD OUT. There are still a few pieces for sale from both the London and LA shows.


TLP at the Offset design conference this weekend in Dublin.

Come join us this Sunday in Dublin’s fair city for a 45 minute speaking extravaganza of TLP history, present day activities and wistful glance into future endeavours. TLP will be showing slides, films and possibly singing a few dog ballads for good measure. If you can’t make it don’t worry as it’s completely sold out and even Roy Keene probably wouldn’t be able to get in. for more info see http://www.iloveoffset.com/


TLP and Miami ART BASEL. See our work at the following locations:

Primary Flight Show ART CENTER South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road www.primaryflight.com

The Carmichael Gallery have TLP prints and will be at SCOPE booth 127 www.carmichaelgallery.com

BKMiA show. The Moore Building/Miami Design District -4040 NE 2nd Avenue. contact info@adhocart.org

Hope to see you there


‘Fresh Geezers’ to open on 10th December at the Factory Fresh Gallery. Brooklyn, New York

The London Police and GALO group show

It’s almost time for our final show of the year. If you are in the New York area come and join us for the opening night starting at seven sharp.

For all the info see www.factoryfresh.net

click on images to see new work 2009


‘Fresh Geezers’ opens at the Factory Fresh Gallery. Brooklyn, New York

The London Police and GALO group show. Click here to see the new work

A massive thanks to Ali and Adam and all at Factory Fresh for their hard work www.factoryfresh.net


A short film from ‘Style Curator’ with Naltalie Kates about The Factory Fresh show in New York


A nice review of our Factory Fresh show from the Brooklyn Street Art blog



The London Police goes big in Miami

As December and winter kicked in it was a welcome break for TLP to head to the sunny delights of Miami to get amongst Art Basel and take part in Primary Flight 2009 hosted by BOOKS IIII. We represented the group show with our piece (see Recent work) "MIAMI NICELY" and then had a couple of days in the Wynwood district painting a huge wall with the dream team of GALO (from the galo crew), Daryl Pierce and the well bearded Jim Darling. During those days many artists were invited to put murals up in the area and we would definitely recommend having a walk or jog round that area to see loads of amazing pieces and some gnarly looking geezers selling crack.



Thanks to Primary Flight we were able to paint a massive wall in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. TLP would also like to thank: Books IIII, Kathryn and Dan Mikesall, David Lombardi, Dorothy, N! and Jill (Fake is Good). Click on the image below and it will take you to our YouTube time lapse film and the sweet sound of the Miami Vice theme tune...


‘The London Police Rides Again’ opens at BLDG refuge in Covington KY.

Kentucky was very kind to us and we have to say a big thank you Mike and Roman at BLDG for all their hard work. The opening night was a large event, powered by the magical healing effect of bourbon. Don’t be shy to check out the videos below or purchase a limited edition print.

click on the images to make the link



Click on the image below to link you to the No New Enemies Network and read all about Chaz’s week and the project they call OPERATION TIRANA...


TLP solo show at the HELMET gallery in Munich...

A big thanks to all at the Helmet Gallery (and their dogs) for a great show.


‘The Italian Job’ to open in the Galo Art Gallery in Torino

Here we go...


‘The Italian Job’ opens in the Galo Art Gallery in Torino

A massive thank you to Galo, Sasha and the whole Galo team. Happy birthday Finn Gibson.


Amsterdam mural to stay

Our wall piece in Amsterdam that was under threat from the local authorities has just been saved. After persistent rallying from the local residents and positive support in the dutch press the piece was deemed to possess artistic merit and cultural significance. A happy day.


New Print Available from the Go Gallery in Amsterdam

Happy days. A new Amsterdam style print featuring the Magere Brug, (skinny bridge) made popular by the Bond film ‘Diamonds are forever’. 80cm x 40cm limited print of 50. more info at www.gogallery.nl


Manhole project in Milan

The Don was responsible for curating this amazing project in Milan. Cut from plates of steel these manhole covers form an expo along the length of a swanky shopping street. Featuring the genius minds of Space Invader, Flying Fortress, Shepherd Fairey and Rendo.


PALS, our new short film showing in LA’s scion gallery

If you can make it go and see it. Like the flyer says, it’s running till March 12th...


New TLP paintings in Graff City, Opera Gallery Paris

Running from 4th - 24th February Graff City features the following artists: Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Ron english, Seen, Crash, Speedy Graphito, Daze, Dface, Mr. Brainwash, Logan Hicks, Lady pink, The london police, Buff monster, Kidzoom, Big foot, Parviz Roozbeh, Mohammad khodashenas, Mizer and Zmogk.

Opera Gallery. 356, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 PARIS


Amsterdynasty’ opens at the Black Book Gallery in Denver Colorado, featuring TLP and Handiedan.